Alesso’s Radiate, Female T-E

V1 texture by Pooklet, EA base by Anubis, AS action by awt!

Confused about which file to install? Click the pic and check out the caption…it corresponds to the end of the file name :)


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  • 700+ followers gift!!! Thank you all for having decided to follow me!
    This small gift is for all of you. I love you!
  • He has some of CC used to achieve this look and sliders. I also use NRass Master Controller to acheive make-up in multiple locations as well as accessories. I use CmarNYC xCAS mod to acheive wider range in my sliders and the ability to have more sliders in game.

HUGE thank you to all of the lovely people I downloaded my CC from in order for this sims and this download to be possible.

TOU : Please do not modify his face features, his body, etc. do not use him as a base for your creations, don’t reupload, or claim as your own, don’t direct link my downloads to make money with ads.
Otherwise if you use him  please ^_^ keep me  updated whenever you can by either tagging me Tag Me as “toxxxicrose”.

  • Other then that you are free to abuse, use, play or do whatever you like with him in your game (You can change his traits,his hair, his contacts etc…)I have included a folder with pictures of CC that I've used, so you can not even install the sims3pack!

> DOWNLOAD: here

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Morning people

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I seriously don’t know what hairstyle I like on him more T.T

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My return will be here in about a week and then I can order the iBuyPower Desktop I’ve been building X3. 


Hopefully this sale will still be on when I order this computer, if not then I’lll have to rebuild it all over again. Although, it was pretty fun in the first place. 

I actually built two computers. The one of my dreams and7 the one that was slightly less pricey but still pretty fucking great.

Nvidia geforce gtx 760 graphics, noise reduction, my name engraved on the side,  2 TB hard drive, 12gb memory and so I repeat:


at this point I just went extravagant because I could finally afford to do something nice for myself and it’s such a great feeling after all of the crap that has been heaped on from work and school and my family. 

I can’t wait to come back and give you all the most beautiful posts I’ve ever posted. 

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"It is, but now it looks like I’ll have to pull another all-nighter."

"There anyway you can bag this for me, or—?"

"Ye—yeah. I’ll get you a to go box…"

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Oh my god I never thought I would be so happy to do taxes.

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Today I found out how much I’m getting back for my tax return ya’ll.


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So I applied for a apple at home advisor job

it’s full time during the summer and part time during the school year and the contract is for a year of work with possible rehire and I had my interview today. I felt like it didn’t go well but in case I’m just worrying for no reason and it went awesome I’ll be making enough money over the summer to buy a new gaming laptop. I’m like desperate for this job. They give you an iMac to use for work so I’ll have that to replace my laptop for school and stuff and then I can get a laptop for sims and I can finally make my return to the simblr community by the end of the summer. 

Wish me luck guys! I miss you all and can’t wait to come back :)

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