|Full Name|Miguelina Tesmi

|Age| 27

|DOB| April 2, 1985

|Nationality| Hispanic and Eritrean

|Education| Mostly self-taught. Masters of Structural Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

|Expertise|Engineering - Structural Analysis

|Bio| Miguelina “Micki” Tesmi was never expected to go far. With her mother gone and her father deep in the center of a crime ring she was more than expected to be a product of her environment. Her love of finding out what exactly makes a machine tick saved her. Well that and her one good uncle. He taught her everything he knew about machines and kept her on a straight track. That doesn’t mean she is all good. She can kill a man in 15 different ways and that’s just with your basic weapons. 

Everything she learned from her uncle led to her getting a full ride scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and several internships throughout her college years. 


Skin by Ephemera (Non-Default available )

Eyes by Shady | Piercings by Winry (Lip and Nose)

Eyebrows are Simple Life’s EA replacements  

Lips by IN3S | Pores by Shyne | Hair by Elexis

Tattoos by XJonasX

.SIM (password protected) 

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